Employee Spotlight: Danielle Mirabile, HR Operations Manager and Singing Chef!

Employee blog spotlight Danielle

What’s your role at BrightInsight?

HR Operations Manager

Can you share a bit of background on yourself (where you grew up, where you went to school, etc.)?

I was originally born in Illinois but moved to California when I was just three years old. I have gone to school in the bay area all my life, most recently graduating summa cum laude from Notre Dame de Namur University with a BA in Psychology.

What is your favorite food?


Where is your favorite place on earth?

Napa, California. It is the place where I have spent the most time with my family. So many memories! We spend our time sipping wine, cooking, playing games and taking long walks, overlooking the vineyards of Napa Valley. It is my favorite place on earth.

Which of BrightInsight’s Values most resonates with you and why?

Real world impact – we aim to positively impact healthcare globally by executing every day on our mission of accelerating digital health innovation for our biopharma and medtech customers

This value resonates with me the most. Since I started with BrightInsight, I have watched this company more than double in size. Each week, I am amazed that we continue to bring in the most talented, dedicated individuals from around the world, that get behind the company mission with gusto! Each addition to our team is a new spark of energy, with new skills, each seeming to complement our already diverse culture. While we focus on our individual contributions, there is a buzz amongst us that confirms our collective goal….the potential to change lives and make a real world impact!

What is your favorite part about working at BrightInsight?

The ability to help shape the culture here through our everyday work has been life-changing for me. When you work with a team that shares a common goal and executes with passion, the sky is the limit!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Hiking, cooking, and spending time with my family. When I am especially happy, you might catch me signing Etta James while I cook!

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