Reduce development efforts by up to 70% by leveraging our pre-built software assets.

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Built and validated under Medical Device Design Control

Using our pre-built starter components reduces your time to market and compliance risk: a win-win.

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Seamless integration

Our starter Patient App and Clinician Portal are pre-integrated with the BrightInsight Platform, eliminating complexity.

Starter assets icons reusable extensible capabilities

Reusable and extensible capabilities

The capabilities are reusable across all products and markets and can be extended to meet your specific requirements.

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Our Clinical Trial offering enables our biopharma customers to accelerate remote digital clinical trials in a compliant manner.

Our configurable, pre-built software assets provide capabilities for Participants, Sponsors and Investigators right out of the box, in a way that meets regulatory requirements:

  • Seamless regulatory path from trial to commercialization with the necessary documentation, Quality Management System, testing and more.
  • Fully customizable Participant App that increases engagement through eCOAs (ePROs, ePerfO), instructions, therapy management, predictive interventions, and more.
  • Clinical Trial Sponsor Portal enabling Sponsors to setup and customize trials by adding new Sites and Investigators, creating ePRO Instruments, creating ePerfO measurements, monitoring key de-identified patient metrics, and more.
  • Clinical Trial Site Portal enabling Investigators and Clinicians to onboard Participants, generate Participant schedules, complete ClinROs, manage Participant progress, study metrics, and more.
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Our starter Patient App provides common, complex requirements right out of the box.

  • A fully customizable user experience
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Consent management and data sharing
  • Device integration
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Therapy and medication history, tracking and management
  • Available on iOS and Android
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Starter assets split patient app

Our starter Clinician Portal provides patient adherence insights, trend analysis, alerts and more.

  • Secure login and registration
  • Patient invitation and consent management
  • Ability for clinicians to view care plans, patient adherence and adjust medication plans
  • Alerts, device status, errors
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Accelerate your Clinical Trials with our Starter Assets

Get your innovative drugs to market faster by leveraging our pre-built Starter Assets and ready-made BrightInsight Platform.