Real-world device data in real-time

BrightInsight makes remote device diagnostics and patient monitoring a reality, unlocking the data to support new value-based reimbursement models.

Medtech split real world device

A scalable, cost-effective platform available today

By replacing the need to build a custom platform from the ground up, BrightInsight dramatically reduces the upfront expenditures, maintenance costs and scalability challenges that can hold you back.

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Medical-grade device and data protection

Medtech CISOs and privacy officers have more sensitive data today than they have historically had, with more potential risk of a breach than ever before.

According to research, 96% of IT professionals believe cyber-attackers are outpacing the security capabilities of medical organizations.

With BrightInsight’s defense-in-depth infrastructure, security and privacy tools, and processes, you can minimize your risk.

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Buying versus Building your Digital Health Platform

Medtech executives are faced with a number of complex considerations when developing a digital health platform – or moving away from legacy infrastructure.

This white paper offers recommendations for a path forward to launching a scalable, intelligent digital health platform that meets your company’s needs.


BrightInsight for Medtech