BrightInsight for Medtech

Reduce costs and risk while accelerating your time to market with our future-proofed platform.

Real-world device data in real-time

BrightInsight makes remote device diagnostics and patient monitoring a reality, unlocking the data to support new value-based reimbursement models.

A scalable, cost-effective platform available today

By replacing the need to build a custom platform from the ground up, BrightInsight dramatically reduces the upfront expenditures, maintenance costs and scalability challenges that can hold you back.

Medical-grade device and data protection

Ransomware attacks tripled in 2017, targeting healthcare more than any other industry.1 With BrightInsight’s defense-in-depth infrastructure, security and privacy tools, and processes at your disposal you can minimize your risk.

Buying versus Building your Digital Health Platform

Medtech executives are faced with a number of complex considerations when developing a digital health platform or moving away from legacy infrastructure.

This white paper offers recommendations for a path forward to launching a scalable, intelligent digital health platform that meets your company’s needs.

BrightInsight for Medtech

Use Case

Remote device diagnostics

Our scalable, regulated platform captures valuable device health and utilization data, while providing seamless over-the-air updates.
Use Case

Continuous remote patient monitoring

By enabling continuous remote patient monitoring, BrightInsight replaces cumbersome at-home solutions that rely on episodic data.
Use Case

Medical device connectivity and management

Connecting devices through one scalable, regulated platform slashes costs, reduces security risks and generates valuable insights.