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BrightInsight accelerates time to market for our customers’ apps, algorithms, medical devices, and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD). The BrightInsight®️ Platform can also fit into your broader medical device ecosystem, serving as a compliant component of a software-enabled medical device system.

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Speed is paramount, and building compliant digital health products from scratch is complicated and time-consuming. We support medtech’s most innovative regulated digital health use cases through our BrightInsight Platform and software Accelerator Modules.

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Medtech Use Cases
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Learn how our proven, compliant platform accelerates time to market for medtech regulated digital health products

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Medical-grade device and data protection

Medtech companies handle a higher volume of sensitive data today than ever before, with a huge potential risk of breaches. According to recent research, 96% of IT professionals believe cyber-attacks are outpacing the security capabilities of medical organizations.

With BrightInsight’s defense-in-depth infrastructure, security and privacy tools, and robust processes, you can minimize your risk.

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Medtech 3.0 Strategies to Thrive in Digital Health

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Download our latest white paper to learn how to harness the power of cloud computing in medtech.

The starting line is connectivity. Then it’s about collecting the data and then activating the data—vertically at the episode of care and then horizontally across the continuum of care. Using an open platform allows different medical device companies to collect and share that data among the device makers, as well as with the patient and provider. Breaking down silos will drive higher quality care at reduced costs.

- Scott Huennekens, Medical Device CEO, Entrepreneur, Chairman, Board Member

WHITE PAPER: Buying vs. Building your Digital Health Platform

Medtech executives are faced with a number of complex considerations when developing a digital health platform – or moving away from legacy infrastructure.

This white paper offers recommendations for a path forward to launching a scalable, intelligent digital health platform that meets your company’s needs.

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