BrightInsight for Biopharma

Enable improved patient and commercial outcomes by putting digital health technologies to work today.

Our Customers

The world’s leading biopharma and medtech companies trust BrightInsight as their regulated IoT platform, supporting transformational digital health solutions including Software as a Medical Device, connected combination products, apps and more.

With the aim of improving diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is leveraging the BrightInsight Platform to build and operate many of their digital health solutions and the corresponding data from these smart devices within a regulatory-compliant environment.
BrightInsight launched a web-based CE-marked Dosing Calculator for emicizumab, a drug which is prescribed by physicians to treat patients with Hemophilia A. The development and distribution of the Dosing Calculator for emicizumab is sponsored by F. Hoffmann-La Roche.
AstraZeneca will develop apps, algorithms, Software as a Medical Device and connected devices on top of the BrightInsight Platform that enhance and personalize care while making overall healthcare delivery more efficient for patients and providers.

Real solutions for real world problems.

Developing a new drug costs around $2.6 billion1, but once it’s in the market 31% of patients do not fill their prescriptions2, and then, just half of patients take their drugs correctly3.

Increasing adherence by just 10% could not only improve outcomes, it could represent a $124 billion revenue opportunity for biopharma.4

Improve adherence.

Whether it’s personalized patient engagement analytics, market intelligence on drug and device usage, or building blocks for patient-facing apps, our BrightInsight Platform offers comprehensive solutions that can improve patient adherence.

Put real-world data to work.

The biopharma industry faces escalating pressure on pricing transparency and reimbursement.

By integrating drug and device data from multiple sources, while working seamlessly with existing EMR and other IT systems, our BrightInsight Platform provides compelling analytics that can demonstrate improved outcomes.

Accelerate your clinical trials.

Today it takes between ten and fifteen years to bring a new drug to market. McKinsey estimates that big data can help generate $100 billion in value across the U.S. healthcare system by accelerating clinical trials and optimizing R&D activities.5

BrightInsight’s real-world data can help deliver on that promise, cutting trial timelines, while improving data accuracy. Our device-agnostic platform also supports inclusion of off-the-shelf and custom medical devices in clinical trials.

BrightInsight for Biopharma

Use Case

Improving patient engagement and adherence

BrightInsight offers a cost-effective, managed service solution for connected devices that can enable improved patient outcomes and profitability.
Use Case

Continuous remote patient monitoring

By enabling continuous remote patient monitoring, BrightInsight replaces cumbersome at-home solutions that rely on episodic data.
Use Case

Dose management algorithms

Cloud-based algorithms can calculate dose guidance based on continuous biometric data with an aim of improving outcomes.