BrightInsight’s PSP+ companion app puts patients at the center

Patient support programs are a proven way to smooth the patient journey, speed time to fill and improve conversion. But outdated manual processes are complex and leave many patients out. Companion apps can connect patients to the resources they need to complete prior authorization, register for financial assistance, understand and track their therapies and much more.

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PSP high patient satisfaction

Digital PSP+ app features

Custom hub and PSP integration so patients can track prior authorization status and communicate with payers and providers, including secure document exchange

PSP copay support

Financial assistance services to help patients locate FAPs, register easily and access digital copay coupons to reduce out-of-pocket barriers

PSP high patient engagement

ePRO and quality of life surveys to track symptoms and drug experience to provide real-world data for drugmakers to understand and address problems in the patient journey

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The injection dose reminder was nice because I tend to get distracted and forget that it's my injection day."

- Patient

Configurable charts and graphs to illustrate trends and generate feedback to help patients understand the impact of their therapy, which can be exported to PCPs

PSP useful patient tools

Configurable patient-centric tools, including at-home SubQ body map for infusion site tracking, in-app timer for temperature control, patient journal and more to keep patients engaged

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I thought [the app and videos] were helpful just breaking down what you're supposed to do."

- Patient

Custom educational materials, including PSP care team support and step-by-step administration guide provide timely information and encouragement to enable patients to administer their therapies properly for an optimal patient experience

Our companion app gives biopharma companies the tools to help patients access their therapies, collect real-world data to understand problems in the patient journey, and a one-stop shop to add solutions over time.