Accelerate time to market and ensure compliance with the proven BrightInsight digital health platform

The world’s leading biopharma companies trust the BrightInsight Platform for their regulated digital health products including apps, algorithms, medical devices, connected combination products, diagnostics, and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

"We selected BrightInsight because its pre-built, compliant platform accelerates our time to market while allowing us to focus on digital health innovation and leveraging our clinical know-how to improve patient outcomes instead of the underlying infrastructure."

Karan Arora, Chief Commercial Digital Officer and Global Vice President, AstraZeneca

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"After conducting a rigorous evaluation, we selected BrightInsight because it has the only regulated solution with a robust Quality Management System and a comprehensive list of privacy and security certifications. BrightInsight’s Platform allows us to focus on therapeutic innovation, rather than the underlying digital technology."

Brian Johnson, Director, Digital Health, CSL Behring

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"Medical-grade digital health platforms like BrightInsight are key to helping us improve the conversation between people with diabetes and their caregivers."

Anders Dyhr Toft, Corporate Vice President, Commercial Innovation, Novo Nordisk

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"If you leverage a solution like BrightInsight that meets the most stringent requirements and maintains compliance as part of their managed service, you don’t have to worry about your regulated digital solutions in the U.S. versus Europe versus U.K. and so on. You just know they’re compliant."

Paul Upham, Head of Smart Devices, Roche/Genentech

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Digital health use cases for biopharma

Speed is paramount, and building compliant digital health products from scratch is complicated and time-consuming. BrightInsight powers innovative digital health use cases with pre-built and configurable modules.

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Each one of these use cases requires a trusted and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Biopharma use cases

BrightInsight Announces Partnership with Sanofi to Bring to Market a Next Generation Digital Companion App

The BrightInsight Platform was selected to accelerate development of one of Sanofi’s Best-In-Class Software as a Medical Device.

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Learn how our proven, compliant platform accelerates time to market for biopharma and medtech regulated digital health products

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What to put in your Digital Health RFP


WHITE PAPER: Expert insights on the challenges care teams face in pairing patients with oncology treatments and how digital health solutions can help

In this white paper, we explore four major ways that digital solutions can help clinicians make smarter, more thoughtful treatment decisions for patients with all kinds of cancers.

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Biopharma Digital Health Customers