In 2020, the value of the healthcare IoT market will top $163 billion. Biopharma and medtech companies are looking to harness the power of the healthcare IoT to accelerate clinical trials, improve adherence (and in turn, outcomes) and enhance patient experiences.

At the 2nd annual BrightInsight Ecosystem Event, we are moving beyond the “why?” to discuss the ”how?”. Our expert speakers will share real-world digital health use cases, explore best-practices to accelerate digital innovation within the regulated biopharma and medtech industries and discuss the common pitfalls to avoid.

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Join 60 of your executive peers who are leading digital health efforts at the world's top biopharma and medtech companies

If you’re an executive leading your company’s digital health strategy and digital health product development and deployment, this conference is built for you. During the one-day program, we will go deeper than the high-level discussions, hype and hypotheticals that are often the focus of larger industry events to create an intimate, meaningful discussion that leaves you with actionable takeaways and insights.

At the hub of biopharma and medtech innovation

Speaker Lineup

Profile Mark Bertolini

Mark T. Bertolini

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aetna Inc. Director, Verizon Communications Inc., and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Profile Kal Patel

Kal Patel, MD

CEO & Co-Founder, BrightInsight

Profile Reed Tuckson

Reed V. Tuckson, MD, FACP

Managing Director, Tuckson Health Connections, LLC

Profile Brent Saunders

Brenton L. Saunders

Chairman, President & CEO, Allergan

Profile Kevin Sayer

Kevin Sayer

CEO & President, Dexcom

Profile Karan Arora

Karan Arora

Chief Commercial Digital Officer, Global Vice President, AstraZeneca

Profile Tania Elliott

Tania Elliott, MD FAAAAI, FACAAI

Associate Attending, NYU Langone Health

Profile Greg Hersch

Greg Hersch

Digital Program Head, Dev’t Processes Global Drug Development, Novartis

Profile Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Director, Digital Health, CSL Behring

Profile Zoe Philippides

Zoe Philippides

Chief Privacy Officer, Amgen

Profile Gunnar Trommer

Gunnar Trommer

Partner & Managing Director, BCG Digital Ventures

Profile Paul Upham

Paul Upham

Head of Smart Devices, Roche / Genentech

Profile Elisabethann Wright

Elisabethann Wright

Partner, Hogan Lovells

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