Our survey of top biopharma companies

How has COVID-19 affected biopharma companies’ focus on digital health? We asked leaders at top biopharma firms to share their thoughts. Their insights are a must-read.

Almost 9 out of 10 said that the global pandemic has caused their organization to focus more on their digital health efforts.

Covid chart digital health efforts

Stay-at-home orders and the added pressure on healthcare systems have led to the cancellation of many clinical trials. No wonder almost 2/3 of respondents said they’re investing more in de-centralized or digital clinical trials.

Covid chart clinical trials

Next, we asked what area of digital health their teams were most focused on. Respondents could select more than one area of focus. The top three choices were:

Covid chart digital health focus

Biopharma as an industry has long been considered a late adopter in the pursuit of digital. While many of our respondents did report a current investment in digital, 1 in 5 are still in the pilot phase. However, the vast majority are bullish about the role digital will play in the coming years.

Where would you rank your organization’s current digital maturity?

Covid chart current digital maturity

In 3-5 years, do you see digital becoming an essential capability to your business?

Covid chart digital essential capability
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Digital health is the way forward

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been a major factor in the acceleration of digital health initiatives among leading biopharmaceutical companies. During pandemic times and beyond, the companies who prioritize digital and stand up solutions quickly will be those who lead the pack. As the leading global regulated digital health platform for biopharma, BrightInsight helps organizations build, scale, and maintain their digital health innovations in a compliant manner.


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