How Roche & BrightInsight Partnered to Deploy a Regulated Digital Health Solution

Biopharma and medtech manufacturers are expanding their portfolios into regulated digital health solutions; creating additional value for patients and also physicians beyond traditional lines of prescribing medications.

Roche has collaborated with BrightInsight, built on Google Cloud, to build a regulated digital health solution for improving patient care. In this webinar you will hear from Paul Upham, Head of Smart Devices at Roche and Kal Patel, MD, CEO & Co-Founder of BrightInsight on the following aspects:

  • Current landscape of biopharma & medtech with respect to IoT and Cloud
  • Example of the digital health platform & cloud implementation in Roche
  • Criteria for selecting the right digital health solution partner
  • How to quickly deploy and scale regulated digital health solutions that meet compliance requirements
  • Opportunity for biopharma & medtech organizations to enhance clinical trials and improve adherence
  • What the future holds in terms of software as a medical device & cloud within biopharma


Kal Patel, MD
CEO & Co-Founder
Paul Upham
Head of Smart Devices
Roche / Genentech
Shweta Maniar
Global Client Lead
Google Cloud
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