How to decide whether to buy or to build your digital health platform

Today, biopharma and medtech companies face two options when creating regulated digital health products: either build a custom platform from the ground up or buy a pre-built solution.

Building your own end-to-end infrastructure significantly delays time-to-market, requires substantial upfront and ongoing resource costs, and is a competitive disadvantage to maintain and scale across a product portfolio.

However, there are often internal stakeholders who believe they have the internal capabilities to build a custom solution. If you fall into this camp, read our handout that outlines top 10 questions you should ask your team regarding your build strategy.

We recently launched a white paper that explores this topic, and includes insights from experts on why they chose to buy a pre-built platform:

“We quickly dismissed the concept of building our own custom platform so we could focus instead on developing transformational digital health solutions that bring to the forefront our deep-rooted history in science and focus on driving patient outcomes, We selected BrightInsight because its pre-built, compliant platform accelerates our time to market while allowing us to focus on digital health innovation and leveraging our clinical know-how to improve patient outcomes instead of the underlying infrastructure.”

-Karan Arora, Chief Commercial Digital Officer and Global Vice President, AstraZeneca

5 challenges with building your own IoT digital health platform

Our research uncovered 5 key challenges that biopharma and medtech executives encounter when trying to build their own underlying digital health infrastructure.

  1. Expensive to build
  2. Complex regulatory compliance
  3. Increased privacy and security risk
  4. Challenging to maintain and scale
  5. Not a competitive advantage

You can read more about how to navigate these challenges in our full white paper.

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